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Terms and Conditions

Download a copy of our full terms and conditions:

Download our Terms & Conditions
Full Terms & Conditions
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The key points of our terms & conditions are:

Frequency Discounts

Frequency discounts are based on the number of insertions on a single contract. New contracts replacing existing contracts will be accepted at any time to take advantage of additional frequency discounts. 1 issue rates will apply to any contract which falls short of the original campaign booking.

Rate Protection

Rates for advertisers under contract are protected for the duration of the contract period. The publisher reserves the right to change these rates & terms at any time without any notice. Any insertion order received prior to the date of notice of the new rates shall continue to apply for issues published within 60 days of the date the increase is announced.

Payment Terms

Payment can be made by Standing Order or BACs to be paid into our account on the 7th of each month.
Alternatively we provide a 21 day invoice payment arrangement. Invoice date is the mailing date of the magazine in which the advert first appears. Invoices not paid in full within the 21 days will incur a £10 late payment charge accruing weekly.


No Cancellations will be accepted after space closing date. The publisher reserves the right to repeat the previous advertisement if material is not provided by material due date.

Advertiser Responsibility

Advertisers assume liability for all content of advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility for any claims arising from them against the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising not considered suitable for publication.